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New 3M Traders & Enterprises specializes in dealing with imports, supply, and maintenance of computer lab maintenance, CCTV, fingerprint machines, fiber optic cables, all type of security solutions, cable pulling, electric automation, and other equipment. Established in Islamabad in 2012, the company has registered steady growth gaining an enviable reputation for dependability and quality services. 

Today we areas the fore-runners in the market, catering to a well- build clientele supported by a network of world-renowned manufactured/suppliers and manned with a professional team of employees. New 3m traders can meet the special requirement in line with the technical progression of the field. Wire and cable services in addition to a full-low-voltage intelligent solution that succeeds in customer expatiation. 

In New 3M we continue to pursue innovation. We forge partnerships with our customers through the development of strong relationships, using both personal contacts and modern communications to bring both our suppliers and customers together.

Electrical Installation

3M Traders & Enterprises fixed electrical installation is the electrical wiring, electrical machinery and electrical components that are fixed to a building installations include, for instance, fuse boxes, solar or generator installations, celling lights, power sockets, and large items of machinery termination.
New3Mplan and design, select and install, commission, test report maintain, fault find and repair systems to a high standard. Work organization and self-management, communication and a deep body of knowledge are the universal attributes of our electricians.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction (PFC) is a newer technology used in computer power supplies. PFC is applied to the circuits that include induction motors as a means of reducing the inductive component of the current and thereby reduce the losses in the supply. PFC has no effect on the operator of the motor itself.

Power factor is the ratio between KW and the KVA drawn by an electrical load where the KW is the actual load power and the KVAis the apparent load power. Simply it is the measure of how efficiently the load current is being converted into useful work output and more particularly is a good indicator of the effect of the load current on the efficiency of the supply system.

Before offering a solution to our customers, New 3M Electrical takes the necessary electrical measurements of your network. This allows us to better understand your power consumption and power factor constraints and ensures that our offer is based on sound and accurate information. We also consider physical constraints when submitting a proposal.

We minimize downtime incurred as a result of the installation of our equipment, through careful planning and consultation with our customers. After the required hardware is installed. You will notice an immediate improvement in power factor, a more efficient use of your available electrical power and of course monthly saving in your electricity bills.

Electrical Maintenance

3M Traders & Enterprises Maintenance involves fixing any sort of electrical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance). Electrical maintenance means the care and checklist of electrical equipment/instruments to avoid any breakdown or fault.

To tighten all electrical connections, upgrading the power rating of safety switches is also a part of electrical maintenance. Electrical maintenance services are offered at all levels, industrial, commercial and residential. Below are indicators of what our work involves.

Fault Fanding

Fault finding is the investigation of the cause of malfunction in machinery Especially electronic equipment.
Standard /Fundamental Faults
The following is a concise list of typical faults that are the most common causes of a circuit ceasing to operate correctly:

Ups And Inverter Installment

AV System:
We provide products including CCTV IP Cameras. Network Video Recorders. CCTV Cameras. Digital Video
Recorders. Multiform HD, Audio Visual. Wireless CCTV Cameras, Door Cameras, Complete CCTV Systems. Door Entry Systems, Monitors, and Displays. Power supplies and Upsets Equipment, Networking
Our range of steel and composite cable management products enables us to provide a solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our products can be used for all types of cable such as data cabling right up to HV power cable.

Letter Of compliance

“Letter of compliance” means a letter with a unique number obtainable from the chief inspector, issued by a registered person in respect of an electrical installation or part of electrical installations, or certificate of compliance issued.”
New3M Master Installer issues LOC’s for buildings and projects such as:

Service Providers

Being a services provider company, we are,

complete security solution

Since2012, New3M Traders & Enterprise has successfully positioned itself as a leading business solution provider in the Islamabad market. The company had a strong belief in the future of Security & Smart Building Technology & developed to offer its Islamabad customers advanced solutions in the fields of Security, low voltage, Automation, and IT infrastructure. Our mission is to power up the market with state of the art technology in all fields of our activity that we deal with presently and also with a vision for the future, with standard and cutting edge developments in each field, both trading, engineering, and contracting

complete security solution

Products & Solutions:

Our security smart building technology division offers the highest quality products coupled with the latest technology to ensure the business continuity of our clients in the most efficient and full-proof way possible. Our wide arena of products and systems includes:

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